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Portraits of humankind, nature and the world, my mixed-media art comprises numerous layers of materials and processes which depict cumulative and multi-faceted stories.  A lover of travel, culture and people, I am fascinated by the human experience and stirred by nature’s magnificence, perfection and might. 

Encaustic wax- a beguiling medium made of molten beeswax and resin - is my favorite medium of artistic expression.   Inspired by its luminosity, transparency and aroma, I am fascinated by encaustic’s adaptability to both two- and three-dimensional mixed media art surfaces and elements.  Because encaustic is a natural material that often responds according to its own nature, it requires me dance in partnership with its capricious - yet enticing - character.

My artistic process of accumulating strata of information and detail, layered in concert with papers, encaustic wax, fabric and hand-altered photographs, explores texture, depth and the play of light.  In my encaustic photographs I use wax and images to interpret and recreate my experience of place, space and emotion, inviting the viewer to layer his/her own story and vision into my work.


My work references meaning, memory, the passage of time, and the cycle of life.  These many levels of meaning fuse between the layers of my work – a metaphor for the complexities of our natural world, our cross-cultural human spirit and our interdependence.

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