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In a Heartbeat 

Encaustic Altered Photographs


Shary feels most alive when traveling, boundlessly amazed by different cultures, activities, the arts, and human kindness.  When journeying, she’s reminded that all humans experience similar joys, worries, vulnerabilities, and dreams - that her experience here is always occurring there also. 


While our world of cultural and religious differences raises many challenges, Shary endeavours to build understanding, and focus on the commonalities of humankind through her encaustic photographs. These photos strive to capture the immediacy, intimacy, spontaneity and delights of real moments experienced in real places.  She hopes the viewer’s response will be: I’ve felt that too.


Shary finds encaustic wax adds an otherworldly atmosphere to photographs, and she seeks to achieve artistic poise between photograph and painting, so the image is both at the same time.

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