Spring and Summer  Creativity Courses with Shary Bartlett

Mixed Media Painting

April 25-26, 2020  2-day Weekend Workshop

Capilano University, North Vancouver, BC


Explore your creativity using acrylic paints, textured mediums, metallics and a huge variety of tantalizing mixed media materials. Join instructor Shary Bartlett to experiment with techniques such as photo transfer, collage, layering and creating lush texture. This class will strengthen your understanding of composition and stimulate the artist within a fun and supportive environment. A wide range of supplies are included in the $40 (+GST) supply fee to be paid to the instructor at the first class. (Please note: this class does not include encaustic techniques.)





Mixed Media Photo to Fine Art

July 6 - July 10, 2020 – 5 Day Intensive -  ONLINE

Red Deer College, Red Deer Alberta


Explore your creative spirit and the amazing possibilities of paint, collage, mixed media and photographs.  You’ll create layered, textured and evocative mixed media paintings and art books; hand-alter images using acrylic, inks, plaster, pastel, watercolour and cold wax; and print on a variety of surfaces. This class will strengthen your understanding of composition and design and stimulate the creative artist within in a fun and supportive environment. Suitable for new and experienced artists alike. (Please note: this class does not include encaustic techniques.) 






FLOW: Fluid Mixed Media Exploration

Metchosin Summer School for the Arts

Metchosin, BC, (near Victoria on Vancouver Island)


Delight in the fluidity of your creative spirit while exploring a multiplicity of liquid mixed media materials, techniques and creativity exercises.  In this five-day workshop, we’ll play with fluid paints, inks, rust, verdigris, botanical printing, Suminagashi marbling, cyanotype, molten encaustic wax and more.  You’ll be enchanted by the joyful collaboration that emerges between fluid media and your spontaneous artistic voice, creating stunning paintings and art books in this fun and supportive workshop.  Suitable for both new and experienced artists. (Note: This class offers a “taste” of encaustic techniques among a wide variety of mixed media approaches and materials.)


The MISSA campus is located in a British Columbia rain forest, on the West coast of Canada. The campus is sheltered among old-growth trees, perched alongside the Salish Sea. The beauty of the natural environment makes for a magical place to gather almost 400 artists every summer to live and work in community and be inspired.




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