Instructional Videos by Shary Bartlett

Luscious Lines: Writing with Encaustic Wax Tools

Enhance your encaustic paintings and sculptures with luscious, flowing 3-dimensional surface texture, dots, lines and evocative mark-making. This instructional video will introduce you to a variety of traditional and modern hot tools that add personality, uniqueness, and a tactile, sculptural sensibility to your work. 


Discover tjanting and traditional batik tools, the kitska, electric stylus, Wax Writer, hot calligraphy pen, electric paintbrush and more. Learn about the strengths and differences between these tools, technical tips and tricks to achieve success, and an exciting variety of creative effects and possibilities.


Techniques include:

  • painting with clear and coloured encaustic medium

  • building sculptural form through accretion

  • incising to enhance depth and textural contrast

  • enhancement with oils and inks

  • stencilling

  • safety considerations and more!


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Painting with Fire - Year-long Online Workshop by 26 world-renowned Encaustic Artists

52 weekly classes beginning April 30, 2021

Essence of Mulranny


A year-long academic course that is devoted to studying best practices in Encaustic painting.  I'll be teaching classes on using alcohol inks and encaustic wax but this year-long workshop includes many exciting and innovative mixed media applications of encaustic such as: 

+ mixed media 
+ Photo encaustic
+ Zen monoprints
+ Translucency and Opacity
+ Figurative work
+ Collage and encaustic
+ Landscape
+ Bookmaking with Encaustic
+ Fabric with encaustic

+ Working with, and combining, digital images.
+ Translucent alcohol inks
+ Sculpture
+ Encaustic assemblage
+ Encaustic with Mosaic
+ Working with soft supports
+ Using Pan pastels and inks
+ Composition
+ Color theory and value
+ Finding a creative voice in your own work.
+ Loosening up, and so much more!!

Geared toward all levels - beginning, intermediate and advanced artists.



Over 50 hours of tuition

for one low price of $249 USD

FLOW: Fluid Mixed Media Exploration

Sept. 25-26, 2021 – 2 day weekend workshop, 10am -4pm

Capilano University, North Vancouver - Lonsdale Campus

Delight in the fluidity of your creative spirit while exploring a multiplicity of liquid mixed media materials and techniques. In this two-day weekend workshop we’ll play with a wide variety of fluid paints: inks, rust, verdigris, acrylic, watercolour, marbling paint and more. You’ll be enchanted by the spontaneous and joyful collaboration between fluid media and your artistic voice, creating stunning paintings and an art book. This fun and supportive workshop is suitable for both new and experienced artists alike.

Please note: This workshop is not an encaustic class. Also, it offers an introductory “taste” of various techniques, rather than an in-depth exploration of each material.


A supplies list will be sent out prior to class. An additional $20.00 (+GST) supply fee is to be paid directly to the instructor on the first day of class for shared class materials.

Tuition: $275.00 CDN

Materials Cost: $20.00 CDN for shared supplies. A student supplies list will be sent prior to class.

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Bartlett_S_Bursting Forth_ink on encaust