In-Person Courses by Shary Bartlett

In-Person Course

Fluid Mixed Media Exploration
5-day workshop - August 8-12, 2022

Join me for a five day all-inclusive retreat including art supplies, meals, accommodation and time for your own creative exploration, situated in the great outdoors of beautiful British Columbia.

Online Courses by Shary Bartlett

Online Course

2022-2023 Painting with Fire Masterclass
Year-Long Online Encaustic Workshop by 26 of the World's Top Instructors

Over 50 hours of tuition for one low price

$289 USD

Online Course

Luscious Lines:
Writing with Encaustic Wax Tools


Enhance your encaustic paintings and sculptures with luscious, flowing 3-dimensional surface texture, dots, lines and evocative mark-making. 


Online Course

2021-2022 Painting with Fire Masterclass

Full Library of PWF 21/22 Encaustic Online Workshops by 26 of the World's Top Instructors

52 classes completely unique from the 2022/23 lineup. Lifetime access for just $249 USD


Online Course


How to create Glassy Encaustic Surfaces

Who doesn't love the textural effects of encaustic? But the perfectly smooth translucence of a glassy wax surface is a beautiful sight to behold - and challenging to achieve!


Watch, as Shary demonstrates how a thin, painted or poured white surface on wood creates an open invitation to fluid media like alcohol inks. 

Available Spring 2022

Online Course

Explore the unparalleled fluidity, luminosity and vibrance of alcohol inks and Indian inks on encaustic.  Join Shary to combine your creative inspiration with the capricious nature of these paints as they dance into unexpected shapes before your eyes. 


Experiment, and learn how to collaborate in flow with these paints, to create alchemical magic together!

Flowing Light:

Alcohol and Indian Inks on Encaustic


Available Spring 2022