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There are few movements more beautiful and mesmerizing than the fluid waves of water, seaweed, and Jellyfish; British Columbia is home to about 75 of the world’s species of Jellyfish. Globally, populations of jellyfish have skyrocketed over the last 20 years due to rising greenhouse gases and warming oceans, causing increasing Jellyfish and seaweed “blooms" worldwide which are having devastating effects on microbial and marine life ecosystems. The patterns they cast are microcosmic harbingers of macroscopic issues.

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Blossoming Arc

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.” ― Buddha

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Briny Hyacinth

The biomorphic forms that emerge from the scientific interactions of fluid ink, encaustic wax, gravity and flame - is like an alchemical reaction that generates painted images almost independently, yet in cooperation with the hand of the artist.  This image floats equally between the worlds of land and marine, drawing floral connections between the two.

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Bud and Blossom

Swelling from seed to bud to magnificent blossom, acorns and flowers symbolize the promise of metamorphosis.

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Bursting Forth

This explosive image celebrates the microscopic molecular energies found in plant, human and celestial life. As biomorphic forms, these fragments emerge on the painted surface as a result of the chemical interactions of encaustic wax, fluid ink, and heat.  The artist later enhances the emergent forms with gestural pen and ink lines, building up their multi-faceted biological microbial references.

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“Camouflage,” alludes to the biological adaptions we are currently witnessing among marine, animal, human and plant growth as a result of environmental and climate change. Like an amoeba that literally emerges three-dimensionally from the encaustic surface, this undersea-like, cellular form seems to be mutating, micro- and macroscopic metaphors for the dynamic and inexorable nature of growth, disease, evolution and decay.

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While creating these encaustic sculptural paintings- waxy, melted micro-dot by dot - the artist layers unconscious emotions, sentiments and experiences into the work. Both in their creation and design, these surreal and abstract paintings are a crossover of science, art, and personal human experience.

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In their fragile beauty, flowers symbolize renewal and remind us of the wonder, resilience, and fortitude of creation and growth.

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From the Heart

All nature, beings, and things are subject to change. Cycles of birth to death, wellness to disease, wholeness to brokenness – indeed life itself is a changing process of transformation, transfiguration, and metamorphosis.

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When observed under a microscope, the cellular make-up of vegetables, fruit and flowers are microcosms of all living and celestial life.

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Inclined to Flourish

On Earth, the largest and tiniest of lives are interconnected and interdependent. Over the ages, ecosystems of living and planetary elements (such as water, sunlight, atmosphere, and soil) have evolved a delicate balance.

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Interlaced is a kinetic sculpture inviting spectators to physically interact with the work using a digital device in an analogue manner. Using the viewer’s phone’s flashlight on the gyred fibre sculpture causes unique shadow-play upon walls, evoking viewers to co-create unique outcomes through active engagement with the sculpture, as well as to interpret the pareidolia images they perceive in the mobile’s forms and shadows. 

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