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Shary Bartlett Enkaustipalettes by Enkaustikos

Enkaustipalettes contain unique collections of 10 encaustic pigmented paint colours. Each of these sets contains seven different colours, white, black and a metallic.


Enkaustipalette – Luminous


A rich array of glowing hues, perfect for intense color and translucent glazes.

“I love the warm array of colors in this Luminous Enkaustipalette - they simply glow with expressive clarity.  The transparent and semi-transparent hues are perfect for glazing, revealing rich undertones when extended with clear medium.  This low-tinting palette subtly tones, while maintaining translucency when the colors are mixed.  The pearly, interference gold brings a flourish of highlight, and can also be mixed with other colors for a mesmerizing shape-shifting of hue”. 

Enkaustipalette - Vivid 


A vibrant blend of highly pigmented colors, also beautiful when tinted or extended with medium.

 “I chose these colors of the Vivid Enkaustipalette for their deep, intense, and vibrant spirit.  So heavily pigmented, these high chroma values mean a little color goes a long way!  Don’t let their darkness fool you: while great for covering, thinning these paints with clear wax medium will reveal exquisite complexities. The robust tinting strength of these opaque and semi-opaque paints creates a stunningly wide palette when mixed. If you love a touch of bling, the metallic silver brings a shimmery pop to this delicious array of hues.”


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