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Instructional Videos by Shary Bartlett

Another exciting line up of 52 weekly classes from Essence of Mulranny. 

A year-long, inspiring Masterclass which received rave reviews last year and promises to be equally full of creativity this year!  


Included in your course:  


  • 52 weeks classes - Lifetime viewing 

  • Taught by 26 of the world’s leading encaustic instructors 

  • 11 new instructors this year

  • Encaustic:

    • mixed media,

    • figurative portraiture,

    • landscape,

    • sculpture, 

    • photography,

    • collage and assemblage

    • fiber arts, and more.  

  • View at your own pace 

  • All skill levels - beginning, intermediate and advanced artists

  • Beginner classes included 

  • Online Facebook Community 

Painting with Fire 2022.low-res600.jpg

Painting with Fire 2022-2023 

Year-long Online Workshop by 26 of the world's top Encaustic Instructors

Over 50 hours of tuition for one low price

$289 USD


I'll be teaching exciting classes on:

Hot Fabrication: Sculpting Fabric, Fibre and Encaustic


Discover the amazing sculptural effects achieved when combining sweet-smelling encaustic beeswax with textiles and fibres. Learn how to sculpt fabrics and lacelike spunbonded fibres to create innovative encaustic sculptures, collage, and three-dimensional paintings. In this class you’ll learn about surface preparation and design, choosing readymade or hand-dying your own fabric, fusing, layering, colouring, surface detailing, safety tips and more.



Luscious Lines: Writing with Encaustic Wax Tools

Enhance your encaustic paintings and sculptures with luscious, flowing 3-dimensional surface texture, dots, lines and evocative mark-making. This instructional video will introduce you to a variety of traditional and modern hot tools that add personality, uniqueness, and a tactile, sculptural sensibility to your work. 


Discover tjanting and traditional batik tools, the kitska, electric stylus, Wax Writer, hot calligraphy pen, electric paintbrush and more. Learn about the strengths and differences between these tools, technical tips and tricks to achieve success, and an exciting variety of creative effects and possibilities.


Techniques include:

  • painting with clear and coloured encaustic medium

  • building sculptural form through accretion

  • incising to enhance depth and textural contrast

  • enhancement with oils and inks

  • stencilling

  • safety considerations

  • resources and more!



* This class is designed for intermediate encaustic painters with some wax experience.

Register Now For Luscious Lines USD $30

Over 30 minutes of instruction!


Smooth: How to create Glassy Encaustic Surfaces


Who doesn't love the textural effects of encaustic? But the perfectly smooth translucence of a glassy wax surface is a beautiful sight to behold - and challenging to achieve!


Watch, as Shary demonstrates how a thin, painted or poured white surface on wood creates an open invitation to fluid media like alcohol inks. 


See how a slender layer of encaustic medium imparts a clear, dreamy magnificence to photographs.  Discover how to bury mixed media or 3D elements cleanly and invitingly in a milky bed of wax. Tips for achieving large smooth surfaces will be discussed.


Available Spring 2022


Flowing Light: Alcohol and Indian Inks on Encaustic

Explore the unparalleled fluidity, luminosity and vibrance of alcohol inks and Indian inks on encaustic.  Join Shary to combine your creative inspiration with the capricious nature of these paints as they dance into unexpected shapes before your eyes.  Experiment, and learn how to collaborate in flow with these paints, to create alchemical magic together!


Available Spring 2022

Painting with Fire 2021-2022 Year-long Online Workshop by 26 world-renowned Encaustic Artists

52 weekly classes from Essence of Mulranny


A year-long, inspiring Masterclass that is devoted to studying best practices in Encaustic painting.


This Masterclass runs April 2021 to April 2022, but is available for registration ongoing.  Twenty-six teachers instructing 52 classes unique from the 2022/23 lineup, so both programs are complementary!


This PWF Masterclass includes: 
+ mixed media 
+ Photo encaustic and digital imagery
+ Figurative portraiture
+ Collage, assemblage, mosaic
+ Landscape
+ Bookmaking 
+ Fabric arts
+ Translucent alcohol inks
+ Sculpture and working with soft supports
+ Composition, Color theory and value
+ Finding a creative voice in your own work.
+ Loosening up, and so much more!!

I teach two classes:

Flowing Light: Alcohol and Indian Inks on Encaustic

Smooth: How to Create a Glassy Encaustic Surface

Geared toward all levels - beginning, intermediate and advanced artists. Includes beginner tutorials.  


Over 50 hours of tuition

for one low price of $249 USD

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