Peru Encaptured

Hand-altered encaustic photographs (Photos by Mark Glavina)


Photographs capture moments in time and as collections, they record stories.  While depicting the “real, factual narrative”, film emulsion does not always satisfactorily communicate memory or the “felt experience.”  Altering an image by hand and bathing it beeswax enhances the story so that it may inhabit a new space - between representation and interpretation - between fact and fiction. 


These photographs are records not of Shary's experience, but of photographer and artist, Mark Glavina, taken during his 2015 travels in Peru.  They represent a collaboration between Shary's imagination of Mark’s experience, and are a collaboration between the mediums of photography, encaustic wax and pigment. 


Shary is guest artist on Mark Glavina's upcoming Travelling Brush art tour of Peru, March 8-20, 2015.  For info:

Travelling Brush


Encaustic Photo Alteration video



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