Mixed Media
Artist Statement

​My Mixed Media work is a celebration of myriad materials that bring symbolic meaning to my art. 


Best known for my encaustic work (painting and sculpting with molten beeswax and damar resin), I integrate fabric, spunbonded fibres, plaster, seaweed, botanicals, wood, metals, paper, photographs, collage ephemerae, ink and pigment to create amazing and unexpected art surfaces.


My sculptures and paintings are rich with metaphor, depth and sensual tactility.

*The word "encaustic" comes from the Greek word “enkaustikos,” meaning to "burn in". Encaustic  is one of the most long-lasting art mediums and dates back to the Egyptian Fayum mummy portraits (c 100-300 CE); Greeks and Romans used encaustic on sculpture and panels in the 5th-7th centuries.

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