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Luscious Lines:

Writing with Encaustic Wax Tools


Enhance your encaustic paintings and sculptures with luscious, flowing 3-dimensional surface texture, dots, lines and evocative mark-making. This instructional video will introduce you to a variety of traditional and modern hot tools that add personality, uniqueness, and a tactile, sculptural sensibility to your work. 


Discover tjanting and traditional batik tools, the kitska, electric stylus, Wax Writer, hot calligraphy pen, electric paintbrush and more. Learn about the strengths and differences between these tools, technical tips and tricks to achieve success, and an exciting variety of creative effects and possibilities.


Techniques include:

  • painting with clear and coloured encaustic medium

  • building sculptural form through accretion

  • incising to enhance depth and textural contrast

  • enhancement with oils and inks

  • stencilling

  • safety considerations

  • resources and more!

This class is designed for intermediate encaustic painters with some wax experience.

Register Now For Luscious Lines USD $30

Over 30 minutes of instruction!

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